Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better Search Campaigns

Want better search campaign conversion rates?

One tried and true technique is to time the scheduling of your campaigns to maximize your marketing spending. For many b2b search marketing campaigns should be pointed at visitors who are more likely to make a call for information during normal business hours rather than filling out a form on your web site. Scheduling your ads to appear when your kind of customer is online is only common sense. If your campaign is running outside of normal business hours how likely are the visitors reading your ad or going through your site going to follow up and make a call? The phone is still the best medium in a b2b transaction. It you can do better scheduling your click though rate goes up (because people who what to do business with you are on line), you will be reducing your cost per click and your ROI will be increased

Larson note: If you want to sell to me, be there when I am. When I search be there, when I leave my office, I could care less if your ad is up out and running. If you’re selling b2b I’m at my desk with the computer on 9 to 5 after that good luck. So don’t waste your money. Find out when your customers are on line and attack.

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