Friday, September 4, 2009

Search: Paid Has A Place

This morning I put a big hit on paid search results. You know, banner ads pay for click, sponsored searches, etc. but there is a reason to use this tactic in your marketing attack.

If you implement a paid search you can have same day impact on your web sales, views and hits. Is that worth something? Perhaps. Unlike an organic SEO you can implement it fast, it is very easy to put into place, it is measurable and it is keyword accountable.

Because you can basically own as many key words as you can afford, you can support your other marketing channels attacks with this tactic. In a natural SEO, assuming you have equal site competency with your competition, the one who wins is the person who starts out with the best keyword combinations and choices. How you pick your keywords can at times be a crap shoot. Paying lets you choose your words based on actual conversations with real people.

Larson note: The words “choose wisely” always pop into my head when I’m talking SEO’s. The only right choice is the one that gets you to the top for the least money. I get offers to do SEO, paid search, pay for click, adword offers weekly, if not daily, as I am sure you do as well, unless your business is hiding under a rock. I like organic searches 9 out of 10 times yet, don’t tell anyone but on a couple of occasions I, Mr. Tight Wad, have done paid sponsored results promotions. Why did I do it? Instant rankings and I can create a service (product) landing page to push a service in a unique way.

So pick your spots and “choose wisely”.

Howard Larson
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