Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contact/People Changes

Did you know?
• Up to 20% of all postal addresses change every year.
• Up to 18% of all telephone numbers change every year.
• Up to 21% of all CEO's change every year.
• 25-33% of email addresses on a "house" file will become outdated every year.
• Up to 66% of people change companies or job functions every year!

Larson note: Pretty amazing. People move, people change positions, employment, how do you keep up with it? You need to be constantly updating your CRM. Sales and marketing need to talk and update each other on new events about customers and contacts. Calling your customers and hot prospects on a regular routine to make sure you are up to date and don’t fall on the wayside is the only way to escape from this information deathtrap.

Its work, lots of work but do it or lose it (the customer).

Howard Larson
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