Thursday, September 17, 2009

Regular Sized Postcards For Marketing Penetration

While oversized postcard mailings can be very effective, see yesterday’s blog, they are perhaps not that much more effective than any other Kind of mailing piece. There are other choices in your mailing arsenal. Due to their size, oversized mailers tend to stand out, but if the message is well-defined and creative graphic are used, that is what really ensures the success of any mailer, large size postcards or small.

Sometimes we get preoccupied with the size of a mailing, forgetting what can help make a mailing successful. Deciding the size of a postcard or any other mailing should only be the first step to creating an effective piece, not the determining factor.

In order to truly stand out, you have to be unique among your peers. Be sure you know your marketplace. If the extra spend will make you stand out among the crowd, either option could lead to greater response and sales.

Larson note: The key is to do something. Don’t just stand in the sidelines waiting to act. Take action and get results.

If you would like a postcard from us call or email and Ill have one sent out. This is just another part of our action plan when we are going after a new client for ourselves. But I’ll warn you; this will get you in the Larson prospect list.

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