Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Direct Mail For B2B E-Commerce

When some people think multichannel marketing these days seems to mean if you include Social Media Marketing to your mix with paid search you have arrived.


If you are serious about B-to-B marketing you should be taking a good long hard look at direct mail. Yes snail mail. Ground mail. Through wind and storm, sleet and hail etc, ect.

Yes paid search and search engine optimization are essential for your campaign but mail?

Think about it. You’re launching a new product. Are your customers or prospects going to be looking online for something that is new? What if they don’t do a search for it? What if they don’t go to your web site and take a peak, then what? Mail!

E-Mail marketing might work to introduce your new product if you can get the addresses and or you can get them to open it. On a level of pure impact it is hard to ignore the box, card, or letter then is placed on your desk. It’s there, right there in front of you. Even if it goes right into the bucket they need to look at your name on the card to know they don’t want it, and then them might just take a peak to see what the product or offer is, just in case. Who uses mail these days to promote themselves?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you stop using online marketing as a major attach method but I am strongly suggesting that you not forget the old marketing methods of mail (and a little telemarketing to cement the attach). You might be amazed the some old ways of marketing sill work.

Larson note: What is a Larson’s method of attack? Telemarketing, Post Card Mailer, E-mail, Blog, Social Media, Web site, Search Engine Optimization. For the most part in that order. Why because it works, for us.

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