Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Act Quickly On Leads

In some companies (I don’t know why) there has been a longstanding debate of whether to immediately hand off a lead to sales or let marketing neuture it into bigger and better things. While I can appreciate building a one product or service lead into a full line client, there are more down sides than ups to holding back and taking action on the lead.

1st money comes to those who act fast, quickly and decisively. If you wait to nurture a lead into something bigger and better, you might just loose the sale and the customer to your competition. If not that there is always the chance that the prospect will discover that they do not need your service or the reason they needed you if the first place. You need to strike when the iron is hot, when the idea, product or service is fresh on the customer’s mind, ask for the order.

2nd calling immediately shows your prospect that you are taking an interest in their needs and are accountable to them. Others might say this appears desperate but in fact it is quite the opposite. If I have a need and I want it filled NOW. I don’t want to wait! I want to work with someone who wants to take care of my “pain” now, not later. You are demonstrating that the client is important to your business and that you are and will be attentive to them and their needs. A clients’ number one concern is timely responces and accountablity. The speed in which you act come across better, when you contact the customer immediately.

3rd in our current economic period money and those willing to spend money seems to be the scarcest thing you can find. If a customer has a budget for your service or product, isn’t it your job to help them spend it? Make the call and lock up the sale while the budget is still there before it gets eaten up by some other pressing concern.

Larson note: Move that lead to sales and let them do what they are trained to do, sell and let people buy. At the same time move that lead to marketing so they can support the sales effort. Sales and marketing need to learn to work together and, heaven forbid, share information.

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