Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are Your Social Media Initiatives Starting To Pay?

If you were a front runner in to the world of SM (Social Media) you probably used 1 of 5 different kinds of tactics.

1. You joined and became a lurker
2. You joined and disappeared
3. You spammed everyone
4. You friended everyone, which means no one
5. You gave solid information about your company and stayed active

This is for all you PR blogger focused people. If you went this route you should be starting to see some payoffs in your efforts. You have become a valuable member of your varosu SM networks and people are looking for the information you provide. Congratulations.

So what is the measure of your efforts?

1) Customer retention: As a company/person who as stuck their neck out in the SM world you have begun to open a two way dialogue with your customer base which you, all your customers and your prospects can see, view and comment about. As a part of a community you can take an active role in this dialogue.

2) Customer Insight: As your communities gathers in working and talking together though the various blogs, forums and groups, there will be positive as well as negative comments being made and sometimes about you. You have an opportunity to remedy the situations as the happen to your satisfaction in an active role. It’s either be proactive or die, so take part in the dialogue.

3) Innovation: The community also provides a means to introduce new products and concepts and to solicit immediate feedback as well as encouraging friends and followers to suggest new products and services they need. (I know I have floated out new service ideas to see who bites and how they fly).

4) Sales: We are not here for out health, at least I’m not. And I don’t think we are here to past the time of day. At least I don’t think so. We as business people are here to make a buck, get a sale, sell something. In an enthusiastic community members are rewarded for buying but even better service after the sale.

Larson note: What kind of a SM member are you. Do you share or are you out there for the good of all, which in helping others achieve what they want they will help you get what you need. It works both ways in the world of SM. Merchants Circle, Team Circle, Business ii Business, Ultimate Connection, Chicagos Black Business Network, MySpace, Facebook, twitter or my own ning site Business Warfare your follows what you do to them will define your place and personality in the group. We all know who the spammers are, we all (don’t know) the lurkers and drop outs and we all see the active user site friendly friends.

On SM as in life people buy from friends.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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