Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Practices for Digital Marketing

How can you start to unleash the power of your web site?

There is no magic formula for successfully moving from an email blasting program as your communication and online marketing tool to one that features real-time interactions between your the marketer and your prospect customer.

There is however some common elements that separates a successful to mediocre to poor program.
Here are 5 of the best practices I have come across.

1. Leveraging interactions to collect customer information. SM gives us such a chance to be in a dialogue with our customers and prospects in real time. You have the ability to create multiple interaction paths within and across campaigns and create ongoing dialogues which enables your prospects to build a trust factored in you and your company This not only allows you to respond to the prospect or customer with the right information but you are better able to understand when they are ready to engage with you in a buying decision.

2. Create a since of conversion urgency with your promotions while reducing your over all exposure. Offers are not one size fits all. Never were, never will be. The more you more away from that though process and create a sense of individually the better off you will be.

3. Combine off line segmentation data with real-time on-line and site visitation behavior to drive your messaging and offer relevance and value. The digital marketing capabilities enable marketers to collect meaningful actionable online behavior information that can be linked in real time to a customer value to drive immediate relevant messaging which may include offers that are designed to stimulate a purchase and not just subsidize a sale that would happen anyway.

4. Monitor purchase and transactions to trigger reminders on when to reengage in a dialogue. When you enter SM Marketing you have the opportunity to enter into interaction marketing and provide a firm foundation.

5. Keep customer satisfaction management linked to marketing activity. It is easier to generate repeated purchases with satisfied customers that disgruntled ones. If you use a mix of communications interactions you can geek an actionable pulse on the human emotions.

Larson note: The benefits are being actively able to manage your customer’s satisfaction to improve retention and improve campaign performance but focusing on the selling messages. Need I say more?

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