Friday, October 9, 2009

Free Fall Marketing

As SM progresses as a major component of a company’s marketing efforts we are all in some way, either large or small imprisoned by our minds. Now is the time where we need to accpet that the entire web is a social media experience and by not embracing it you are handing the new openness of increased loyalty, better cost controls, and driving customer acquisition to a select few. Those few who overcome the pressing challenges that confront us from cost containment to the actual delivery of goods and services are the new elite of the marketing world.

These days is seems most marketers claim that ownership and measurement of digital and social media are what is preventing them from really shining. Balderdash! It is your hands to own and control. It’s social. Go out and meet people (electronically). Once we are able to wrap our minds around the reality of digital and media coming together under one roof it starts to become both honest and easier to navigate

Larson note: Do you have any friends? You know people who you can sit down and have a cup of coffee with and talk about things? Ok now transform that into doing it electronically to make friends. I cannot say it enough. People buy from their friends more times than not. If I don’t like you do you think I will buy anything from you? As my sales mentor Hank Trisler once said “People buy on emotion and justify with facts.”

Friendship is one of the best emotions I know of. Use it but don’t abuse it. Friends don’t take advantage of friends. They work with them, helping them succeed with the best product or service that is right for them. The idea is to make long term friends and customers not one buy wonders.

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