Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 Fundamentals for Email Success

E-Mail markets are always well served by remembering the basics. When you forget the basic rules of email marketing you get in trouble big time.

First, focus on the call to action. If you first identify your goal for the e-mail then determine what you want to subscribers to do and carry this though from the subject line to the e-mail design to the landing page, you’re in good shape. Keep the call to action simple, prominent and neat the top of your message.

Second, craft your subject line careful. Make sure the message and benefit of your message is clearly put forward and matches. The main message should be font loaded with in the first 30 characters of the massage.

Third, design your message for the preview window of mobile devices. Yes we have arrived in the age of walking viewing n our (or some) mobile devices. The one space that will always show up is the upper left corner, Use it 1st and use it wisely. By identifying your name and short message.

Forth, remember image blocking. Image blocking happens more often than not. You need to design your piece with that though in mind. When graphics are used make sure to use alternative image attributes (alt tags) to convey the message intended.

Fifth, stop unsubscribes. The main reason for unsubscribes are lack or relevancy (58%), and too many emails from the sender (44%). Send them what they signed up for. If you don’t you will get what you deserve, being dumped into the spam folder.

Larson note: By building on these fundamentals when creating a new e-mail, or reviving your current e-mail marketing attack or program you will stand a better chance of getting you message though 1st time, every time.

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