Friday, October 2, 2009

Offline For Online Push

There is symmetry in using both online and off line marketing to push your business. Not everyone is going to do a search to look for what you do or sell. Off line marketing might trigger a need that a person did not know they had.

Where is that balance?

For some it is telemarketing, others postcard mailers or wave mailings, still others catalogs.

Don’t stop your SE program. Don’t end a successful pay for click campaign. Build it up with a foundation of other marketing tools.

You need to look at your customers shopping behavior to know what makes them tick, Ask yourself, “Why do my current customers buy from me?” Answer that one and you will have a key to why your future customers will buy from you. If you have a market, secure it.

You should be spending a lot of your time looking at the life-cycle of a customer to understand the sequence for needs and the sales cycle of each purchase.

Larson note: You need to be using offline marketing to bring in new online customers. It’s that plain and simple.

Howard Larson
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