Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Exploiting Social Media

Facebook, twitter, ning sites and other social medial sites are great ways to engage your customers. There are many ways you as a marketer can take advantage of this new and misunderstood phenomenon.

1. Incorporate social media networking into a header or footer in your email template. You can keep it simple with a little link to your facebook fan page of your business twitter account; of you can make it quite complex and encourage sharing to Digg, Delicious or other sites. If you want to aggressively embrace multiple social media sites you might want to use a simple share icon.

2. Send solo e-mails out promoting your presence on the social media sites you are active in. Many e-mail marketers send special e-mails to all recipients (sm spam) encouraging them to partake in their social medial communities. If you engage one at a time and talk about them and their business (yes you actually need to look at their page to talk to them about them and how your business and theirs might actually have seridipanity) you are not spamming but starting a contact engagement point, big difference!

3. Capture the data you need. First be sure to complete YOUR profile page. Then go to the pages of the people and business you want to engage with. It’s really sad to find someone who wanted to start an engagement process with you only to find that they could not event take the time to finish their profile page, Do that to me and I’ll smell as skunk and cut you off. On facebook, complete the “info” tab, include a link to your web site, on twitter use key words in your description to others to see and follow you.

Larson note: If you are engaged in the SM world you can make it work to your advantage but it is not a standalone deal. You need to embrace it and actually be social.

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