Friday, July 10, 2009

Using Employees For Social Media Marketing

1. Write what you know. If you are looking for your people to be active in SM keep them active in areas they can talk about and things they know about. If you stick to the areas you know your expertise will be brought out as well as the individual’s personality

2. Be Human. If one of the reasons for social media and social business communications is to “humanize” a company or brand do it. Don’t go off and take jargon or lots and lots of industry lingo. Talk to people in language they can understand.

3. The Difference of Transparent and Authentic. Does everything an employee says need to be heard by a customer? Being transparent and authentic does not mean you need to say everything that is floating through their mind.

4. Build An Army. Make SM part of peoples jobs. I don’t mean 1 persons job although if you are large enough having one designated person as the companies twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ning, MerchantCircle, ecademy, WeCanDo.BIZ etc, coordinator but in addition if you can make it a part of a lot of peoples jobs. Some of what makes Social Media work is mass. The more the merrier.

Larson note: It is surprising that more companies are not doing this but having employees speak for the company is a loss of control and some companies can’t accept that loss of control. I can only scratch my head n this. A salesperson speaks for the company so why not extend that out to all employees through a social Media context. The principle of communication is the same (basically). NO matter if you have a highly structured program of you sort of just “throw” your employees out into the SM world, the key is to get them out there talking about “good things” about the company

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