Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strategies To Improve Customer Service

11% Increase discounts to retain customers
27% Conduct sales win/loss analysis
37% Install CRM system to track performance
43% Compensate customer service employees for performance
47% Conduct phone interviews with selected customers
59% Conduct a customer survey

*Customer Satisfaction Business Impact Diagnosis, Gantry Group LLC, June 2009

Larson note: I am count thinking about the phone call I made to a major motel chain about a bad night’s sleep. I had called a 6 weeks earlier complaining about how I got up twice once at 10:30 and the second time at 12:30am about loud people in the hall. They sent me a beautiful form letter telling me how they franchised out their properties and they would investigate my report and thanking me for helping them improve. Then nothing. No follow up, no discounted to come back and try them again. NOTHING. So I called telling them again of my bad experience with their chain and how there form letter did nothing to make me feel good about them and how I would not be staying with their chain again and would tell my friends about my experience which I did and have verbally and though twitter. And low and behold a week later I received a 1 night’s free coupon. I feel better but am not really happy or satisfied after calling them twice. I feel the same way about Dr Pepper who still owes me a free coupon for a bottle after their Chinese Democracy promotion last November. I even called corporate and got the run around in their customer service department. Since November NO Dr. Pepper has passed though my lips.

I’m glad they can afford to lose a customer. Can you?

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