Friday, July 31, 2009

Nurturing Leads

How do you handle prospects who are not quite ready to buy?

There is a sale cycle in and for every company and product. Some are 1 second others, 3 years. First you need to know and understand what and how long your sales cycle is. Second you need to know where in the cycle any particular prospect is. Third, you can then rate your prospects based on where in the cycle they are as to the kind of information they need to be receiving to get them to the next level. As they move up the chart there comes a time where you can pass the leads from marketing to sales or if you are really good you have sales and marketing working in tandem on any given lead already.

Larson note: Personally I use education oriented content to stay on at the top of my prospects minds. I use what I feel are solid facts and ideas about my business and industry to educate them and feed their minds with what my company can and could be doing for them. When they are ready to buy, they are not only an educated client but an educated client in the Larson way of thinking.

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