Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jobs for a New Economy

The U.S. Labor Department reported today that the number of Americans filing for initial unemployment insurance in the week ended July 11 fell to the lowest level since the first week of January, However, more than 6 million filed continuing claims in the week that ended July 4.While many Americans are struggling to find jobs, some of those who remain employed are looking for ways to supplement their incomes, which really isn't anything new, but is more difficult to do in the current economy. According to CareerBuilder's Q2 2009 Job Forecast, one-in-10 workers have taken on a second job in the last year to help make ends meet.In a recent survey completed in June, CareerBuilder asked more than 4,400 workers to share some of the more unconventional ways they've earned extra income. Examples cited by respondents include:

Used a portable propane burner to heat oil and sold catfish dinners on his front porch
Made Star Wars costumes for people
Donated blood plasma
Researched stories for a gossip columnist
Won money on a game show
Juggled chainsaws in a talent competition
Posed for an art class
Worked as a tarot card reader
Wrote a freelance article on Big Foot
Took notes in class for college students
Took items from the Lost & Found and sold them online
Gave people in the office haircuts
Tested recipes for a book
Worked as a movie extra
Participated in product testing for bandages
Played in Poker tournaments
Participated in university research studies

Larson note: Now you might wonder what the Larson plan would be?

One average salesperson is worth 16 accounts. 16 accounts are worth about 8 telesales people which need one AA and one direct mail coordinator that equals 11 people and those 11 people should equal a minimum of 16 jobs at our clients businesses in the first 2 months so 1 Good sales person is worth a minimum of 27 jobs, including their own. Now a good salesperson is worth twice that and a great salesperson? Don’t ask. But you might ask yourself how many jobs is a salesperson worth to your company? Remember, nothing happens till someone sells something.

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Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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