Thursday, July 2, 2009

Favorite SM Site

In a totally Unscientific poll the rankings of favorite SM sites starts to come into view out of 16 votes cast

Ning(s) 19% - 3 votes
MerchantCircle 6% 1 vote
Facebook 13% 2 votes
LinkedIn 6% 1 vote
Twitter 57% 9 votes

Larson note: I reluctanly put twitter on the list because it seemed people want to call it a Social Media (Networking site). I don’t know if I would, but then, what do I know. Nings seem to be popular in this sample but I see Facebook making some major inroads in the last month. Heck I ever reluctantly put up a Facebook page. Now the big question is, not that you are using SM for your business is it, can it make you any money?

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