Wednesday, July 22, 2009

12 Flaws Of Leadership

1. Lack of energy.
2. Acceptance of mediocre performance your own and others.
3. Lack of clear vision and performance.
4. Poor judgment.
5. Don’t collaborate.
6. Don’t follow the standards that are set up for others.
7. Resist new ideas.
8. Don’t learn from mistakes.
9. Lack interpersonal skills.
10. Fail to develop the skills of others.
11. Don’t delegate.
12. Don’t challenge people.

Larson note: If you are a leader, lead yourself first so you gain the respect of those under you. If you are under someone open yourself up to the opportunity and challenges to grow into a leadership position. Learn as much as you can, push yourself to be the best you, you can be

Howard Larson
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