Thursday, July 9, 2009

Metrics of User Generated Social Media

1. Volume. The number of comments, blog posts, tweets, links, about your brand your competition and your general field.

2. Sentiment. The positive, negative of indifferent consumer reaction to your brand or a topic, which can be measured by text analytics and natural language processing.

3. Emotion. The reasons that a consumer felt good, bad or indifferent that point to how you can resolve their problem or how your business can change and improve.

4. Topic/Issue. The context i.e. your product, customer service, advertising, competition, in which your brad is being discussed.

5. Source. Where is the conversation occurring? Twitter, a blog, a discussion/message board

6. Author. The people talking about your brand and their social media impact, i.e. the number of followers, readers, commenter’s.

7. Virality. The reach of your brand and relevant topics around your brand. I.e. how many people are reading, posting, linking and sharing

Larson note: How can you, do you measure Social Media? It is certainly in a state of chaos as anyone how engages in it well knows. Marketers have are aware that the rabbles of marketing are turning from a pull to a push model which is controlled but the public at large.

Today’s custom has not only learned to block out advertising and marketing but they are making their own voices heard in various marketing arenas that are out there. It’s not the marketers that need to find the value in and through the noise

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