Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lead Generation Possibilities of SM

Given the roll of social media as a source of high-quality inbound sales leads, getting a good handle on the measurement is important as well as determining what your object is for being in Business SM. Getting all this aligned with your companies goals becomes critical. When you consider that these non-traditional channels are or can be powerful sources of insight, pass along rates, conversation and client/prospect interaction, more is at stake than you might realize.

As you advance into SM marketing, you need to find a way to capture your efforts in your CRM system and have them accessible to BOTH marketing and sales.

Lastly, determine the level of resources of people and time that you are able to invest and let THAT be the guide of your commitment. With the vast and growing array of social media opportunities that exist today, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed. Start slowing and selectively as you enter into these vastly uncharted waters of the ocean of Social Media Marketing for Business.

Larson note: Walk, jog, run. That is how a runner “learns” to run. So also should be your foray into Business SM. Keep your eyes focus on your goal(S), written goal is possible, and what you want to achieve. Anything is possible online so make it the best anything you can. SM can eat up your time resources faster than anything I have ever seen. With vast potential come great risk and astronomical rewards.

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