Friday, July 24, 2009

Act Quickly For Higher Closings Ratios

The debate is whether to immediately act on leads or to nurture them before handing them off to the sales department. There are very few advantages to waiting to act on a lead at anytime but especially in a down economy.

Here are three quick reasons why calling leads immediately will better serve your company.

First, money comes to those who act quickly. Marketing and sales are like any other segment of business — opportunities must be acted or they dispear. When people are ready to buy, let them. If you wait to nurture the lead, you might lose the customer to your competitor. And even without your competitor, you do not want to give the customer the time or the chance to realize that they do not actually need your service. Yes customers do change their minds. You need to strike when the iron is hot — when the idea, product or service is fresh on the customer's mind.

Second, calling immediately shows your prospective client that you take initiative and are accountable. Some people might argue that acting on leads can appear desperate but in fact, the opposite is true. It shows that the client is important to your business and that you are and will be attentive to them. If you do not give your customer attention during the prospective stage, how can they count on you down the line? Clients' number one concern is timely response and accountability. Both come across impressively when you contact the customer immediately.

Third, in our current economic recession, money (or cash) is king. The budget that a customer may have set in place for your service may disappear by the time you decide to act. Call now and lock up the sale while the budget is still there or before it gets gobbled up by some other pressing concern..

Larson Note: When the customer is ready to buy, stand back and let them. If they made to contact the reach out to you, you would be a fool to drag your feet.

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