Thursday, August 6, 2009

What your SM Site Says About You

Where are you? What SM sites do you frequent? Does it really reflect on you and your business? IN a study by Anderson Analytics you might want to think it through. The survey studied the demographic and psychographics of social networkers and found that there are definite data segments in the SM markets.

110 million Americans or 60% of the online population use various SM networks and that number is rather conservative. Users tend to spend time, a lot of time, on their favorite social networking site(s). The average SM usurer goes to their social sites 5 days a week and check in about 4 times a day for a total of 1 hour a day. The super connected (9%) stay logged in all day long.

Social networkers create a special attachment with the brands they connect with some 52% of them become a fan of at least one brand on a site, Of these 17% were positive, 19% negative, and 64% neutral, This study was taking from a sample of 5000 users.

Let’s have a look at 4 different SM sites:

There are 77million users. They are more likely to be married (40%) white (80%) and retired (6%) with an average income of $61,000. Face book users then to be a bit older and are more likely to be late adopters of SM. They are a loyal group with 75% saying facebook is their favorite site and 59% saying they have increased their facebook usage.

For the most part MySpace people are young and fun loving. With 64 million users it is still a viable source to be in (especially if you’re into music). They are more into fun, humor, music, video games then sports and exercise. With an average income of $44,000 with an average of 131 connections there is a greater chance at reaching the Black (9%) or Hispanic (7%) then the other sites, with 60% single and 23% still students.

This is where people come to do business. (although Ecademy is working on catching up) This is a site that has more men (57%) than woman (47%) and the highest average income at $89,000 they are more likely to be there for business and not for fun. Members are more into gyms, spas yoga, gold and tennis. If you in for b2b you have to BE here!

This is the super users group. Twitters are more interested that anyone in almost anything on the planet, but move more into restaurants sports politics personal finance and religion. Twitters are more entrepreneurial than the other sites. They are more likely to work part time (16%) with an average income of $58,000 with 43% saying they could not live without it.

Larson note: Where do you want to make your mark in the SM business world, Are you a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond? Pick your poison and make your claim. Personal I so some big site marketing and a lot of little SM site marketing.

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