Friday, August 7, 2009

Facebook: The King the Hill For SM Retailing

Facebook Facts
Founded: 2004
US Unique Monthly Visitors: 87.3 million
Year to year growth: 198%
Average monthly user time spent: 4 hours, 39 minutes, 33 seconds
Age demographics: 65+ 6.3%, 50-64 20.5%, 35-49 32.0%, 18-34 28.0%, 12-17 7.8 2-11 5.4%
Female 57% Male 43%
Household incomes: $150k+ 7.8%, 100-149k 16.4%, 75-99k 19.1%, 50-74k 26.4%, 25-49% 21.0%, 0-24k 6.0%, No response in survey 3.3%
Top 500 E-retailers with Facebook page 284 (listed in the Internet top retailer Top 500 guide)

Facebook is becoming the network of choice for 56.8% of the top 500 e-trailers compared to 28.6% on MySpace. Part of the reason is because of the shift that Facebook did to redesign the pages that businesses could create making them more interactive and making it possible for those pages to become part of a company’s Facebook fan home page and with news feeds (such as my companies blog posts gong to my Facebook page).

In the past a fan of a company would visit your brand once in a while, while now if you become a fan, they become almost like a personal friend.

Facebook is now going beyond conventional online marketing. A company can use their fan base as a virtual focus group. They can see what interests and motivates their fan base as a group or on a one-on-one basis to discuss products and answer questions.

Larson note: If you work at creating a following AND fan base you can use Facebook quite effectively. What is important is to go into it (or any SM Marketing) with a plan laid out ahead of time as to where you want to end up and what kind or results you are looking to achieve. You can always modify your plan as you go but you need to know what you want to achieve first.

Tuesday Bog will cover MySpace.

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