Friday, August 28, 2009

Direct Mail & The Environment

Direct mail being what it is, coming from (renewable) trees makes people think that it is environmentally harmful. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Looking over The Direct Marketing Association web site some interesting statistics were found on direct mail.

1. Direct mail is a green way to shop. No travel, no petro chemicals, no hydrocarbons dumped into the air. If Americans would replace only two trips to a mall each year, that is each year, and shop by catalog, we would reduce the number of miles we drive by over 3.3 billion that’s 3,000,000,000. And stop 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide saving some $650 million in gas purchases.

2. Mail represents only 2.4% of America’s waist and direct mail can be recycled further reducing the impact.

3. In energy use the production of energy to produce direct mail advertising is only 0.19% of energy used in the United States a year.

4. Mail is, as stated above a renewable resource, and most paper comes from trees grown specifically for that purpose, NOT virgin forest trees. In addition the forest industry is making sure that the number of trees each year is increasing so that trees are increasing in number not decreased. Fact is the US has increased the number or acres over the last 3 decades up 5.3million acres.

Larson note: Direct mail is not the enemy. It is in fact a cost effective way to do business and help the environment. The goal of a direct mail campaign needs to be to get a relevant message out to the right people and not waist it on people who have no interest in what your offer is. Do I here list cleaning or buying the right list to mail to?

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Source: Direct Marketing Association

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