Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MySpace: Better Opportunities in Some Areas

MySpace Facts
Founded: 2003
US Unique Monthly Visitors: 62.3 million
Year to year growth: 6%
Average monthly user time spent: 2 hours, 26 minutes, 58 seconds
Age demographics: 65+ 3.6%, 50-64 15.8%, 35-49 29.1%, 18-34 34.8%, 12-17 11.8 2-11 4.9%
Female 57% Male 43%
Household incomes: $150k+ 5.1%, 100-149k 12.0%, 75-99k 16.0%, 50-74k 27.2%, 25-49% 21.0%, 0-24k 9.6%, No response in survey 3.2%
Top 500 E-retailers with Facebook page 143 (listed in the Internet top retailer Top 500 guide)

MySpace has been losing ground to Facebook by leaps and bounds but it still can pack a big push for the right kind of business. It has been a bit stagnenat as to different features and functions compared to Facebook and its reputation for being the place for bands, not BRANDS, as cause it some advertising trouble.

MySpace will give you more graphical freedom than Facebook but that might be a hindrance that a help. MySpace profiles do not look all the same, giving some of them rather creasy haphazard appearances.

The audience is still huge and if it is your target audience you need to be there! If you are looking for a younger crowd this is the place. Music buffs this is where you want to be. It’s all about engaging the RIGHT customers and having a positive experience with your company. Are these the demographis you want to attack?

Larson note: If you selling younger fashions, clothing, shoes, make-up music anything my 20 year old daughter might want be on MySpace. If you sell to the 18-49 age profile you have 39,940,800 people out there. But today I notice that MySpace is trying to do some upgrading. Social Media wars?

Wednesday’s Bog will cover Twitter.

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