Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 Steps of People Leadership

In good times and in bad, leadership is still leadership. These 3 actions will get you into a leadership mentality.

1. Go to them. Employees love it when management takes an interest in them. When you go the front line, not only do you demonstrate to your people you care about the work, but that you care about them as a person.

2. Affirm their self-worth. People never tire of being praised by supervisors. They need to hear that their work is important and is consequential. Just make sure it is real sincere praise on things that count not false praise.

3. Stand tall with them. Employees need to know that their leadership has their backs covered. All too often it seems that with things go bad; employees are the first to suffer. You are all part of the same team.

Larson note: People are your company’s biggest asset. We all like to feel that what we are doing is important. That it matters. That management will give us more than lip service. Don’t just say it. Show it! Walk the walk instead of only talking the talk.

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