Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twitter: Little Network of Connections

Twitter Facts
Founded: 2007
US Unique Monthly Visitors: 21.0 million
Year to year growth: 1,928%
Average monthly user time spent: 31 minutes, 17 seconds
Age demographics: 65+ 7.6%, 50-64 22.9%, 35-49 34.8%, 18-34 28.5%, 12-17 4.7% 2-11 1.5%
Female 56% Male 44%
Household incomes: $150k+ 9.3%, 100-149k 16.4%, 75-99k 18.8%, 50-74k 23.9%, 25-49% 20.8%, 0-24k 7.5%, No response in survey 3.3%
Top 500 E-retailers with Twitter account 143 (listed in the Internet top retailer Top 500 guide)

This seems to be the year of the twitter. It’s quick and easy, down and dirty, fast and quick, all in 140 characters or less. At 21 million unique visitors a month Twitter is the little guy in the Big 4 (Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter) As a business or retailer you can approach Twitter from the passive side of active side. The fun thing is, no one knows what really works yet! Passive businesses can sit back and monitor themselves. Active businesses can tweet everyday on things that are customer related to marketing to their followers and customers. Twitter is a mix of sales, conversation and customer service. Heck even I have been found by prospects wanting to connect before even buying from me.

Larson note: Call it what you will, SM marketing, micro blogging, twitter is a phenomenon that just seems to keep growing and growing, with users who are very highly engaged. As a business you can test the power of your twitter followers and offer twitter only specials just to see what your reach is

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