Thursday, June 25, 2009

Questions Before E-Commerce

Here are some things you should be asking yourself before jumping into e-commerce

1. Why are you selling online? Think about it. How will e-commerce play out in your business? Do a little research. Will your site be only for transactions, or will it be more about brand building or driving traffic?

2. Who are the customers who will use the site? Who are you building this site for? What are these customers needs, goals, desires? Then ask, “How can I help them achieve their goals?”

3. What is my competition doing? Knowing your competition is always a good idea. Doing some industry wide benchmarking to know how you stack up is always good. You might even want to take the next step and actually buy something from your competition to really get the customer experience.

Larson note: If you understand why you want to sell online and know what your customers expect from the process you are well ahead of the game. Selling is not just flashing out a web page and thinking people will flock to you and buy. It’s like any other kind of selling. Plan your attack and attack your plan.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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