Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AAMCO Targets Car Owners

As the ranks of car dealers shrink in the industry's worst year in a long time, AAMCO wants consumers to know the auto-service chain can fill the void.

Positioning an owner's car as an "old friend," the TV and radio spot tells drivers that their local car dealer isn't the only one who can take care of their old friend. "So if your dealership is closing, don't despair. Come to AAMCO for all your car-care needs, from tune-ups to transmissions," the narrator says.

AAMCO is also trying to overcome an image among consumers that it is only a transmission specialist. The company expanded its service offerings in 2000 and is introducing a new logo in the ads intended to help bust misconceptions.

AAMCO is urging his fellow franchisees to beef up their TV ad budgets for the blitz to roughly 90% of their spending from the 50-50 media split with radio the dealer ad groups have used for the past three or four years.

Larson note: Ones loss is anthers gain. Dealers disappear and others come along to fill the need. Are there areas like that your businsses could be filling a void with? Has some of your competatoin going out of businesses? Take control of yoru destiny and grow

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