Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is Using A Paid Blogger Bad?

There seems to be a big controversy surrounding this practice. Can hiring a paid blogger to produce good, relevant content be a bad thing?

We do paid searches. We do pay for clicks. We do paid banner adds. So what are people squawking about?

Most paid bloggers are thought leaders. They might be given key words and products to include in the blog they are producing but they are not told what to write. This is similar to a newspaper paying people to be on their editorial staff. We don’t question them (we might not agree with them but we don’t question their mercenary motive.) So is there a difference between the company that puts a blog writer on staff to write for them or the person or small company that jobs it out?

Larson Note:
There is a place for your company using a paid logger. It helps to keep the playing field level, and that part of what the internet and Web 2.0 is all about. If you can’t write of formulate your ideas into full sentences that make sense, why not pay for it. If I remember my college days that is one the complaints that Karl Marx had about business, that they could or would buy what they needed from equipment to people smarter them themselves. We do it. We write blogs for companies who can’t or don’t have the time. We have a couple of customers where we write and publish their blogs. And yes it helps their web sites get higher up in the search engines. Is that a bad thing? Is it any different than getting a technical or creative writer to write the copy for your company’s brochure? I don’t think so

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