Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marketing\Sales Basics

The keys to targeted direct marketing success are not one dimensional but multifaceted.

Define the goals of your program with a clear and concise call to action. Create and clean your list. Good compelling creative approach to push through the mundane clutter. Have multiple touch points and follow up with live sales calls throughout the process.

Pretty basic right? I get postcard mailings every day. Do I get a call back or follow up on them. Hardly ever. There might even be a follow up mailing, but no phone call. I’ve heard my cat walking louder than my phone range. I might have even wanted what they were promoting but still the phone stayed silent.

Larson note: You got to close the deal. You got to make the call and ask for the order. As I always have told My customers when they apologize for not calling me back, “It’s my job to remember you, not your job to remember me.” No matter how good your marketing is, you need to have a closing strategy to get them to buy. I know what mine is, what’s yours?

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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