Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Tips Towards Going Green to Save Money

The US industrial sector is the largest energy user segment in the country. With this in mind manufactures and service businesses are identifying sustainable energy solutions that will drive their needed efficiencies. Any time is a good time to start saving on utility bills and begin working toward sustainability target goals. Do you want to reduce your energy costs and in turn reduce your carbon footprint?

1. Do your Homework: You won’t know how much you can save until you know where the money is being spent. You can go and do an energy audit of your company to determine use and where our facility can go green and same. There are specialists that can come to our facility to identify key energy saving areas as well as plans for future energy consumption.

2. Plant lighting: By replacing existing lightly with energy efficient products and controls, you can be reducing energy consumption up to 50% as well as eliminate the risk of mercury contamination in a very short period of time. There are easy to use controls that can help reduce energy consumption with smart schedules and automation.

3. Evaluate motors and drives: In industry electric motors are responsible for 70% of all energy consumed. There is beg savings to be made in this area so why not start a replacement plan by replacing existing motors with more energy efficient versions or try saving b y adding variable frequency drive systems to the motors. This can be an easy 30% energy savings area with a very quick rate of return.

4. Control of heating and cooling costs: Here is another 30% energy use area. Making smart decisions about your faculty’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system can have a major impact on your utility bills. Adding drive and control systems can also play a sufficient part of reduced costs.

5. Keep monitoring the situation: Knowing and understanding your plant’s electrical footprint and monitoring energy use can help your company track its progress on your goals as well as establish benchmarks for achievement. Putting in intelligent energy monitors can track energy usage across multiple locations from a central source to ensure maximum efficiency and control.

Larson note: These are ready to have cost savings the help the planet at the same time. Map out a plan the works in the ones that have the quickest return on investment and put an entire energy usage plan into effect.

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