Friday, April 3, 2009

Need More E-Mail Opt-ins?

E-mail is an excellent marketing tool for many reasons. Cost and speed being two to the major reasons, yet on the down side it can be thought to be obtrusive to the recipienent if they don’t want it.

We all need to be careful to send our prospects emails that they want. You can encourage prospects to give you their email addresses in exchange of something such as a free white paper to download. Another way is to use telemarketing into prospects and follow up with different opt-in offers. Then you might want to redesign your web landing page to encourage opt-ins. You can send a direct mail piece out encouraging people to opt-in for more information. And lastly make sure you are getting all the harvested emails out of all your people that they collect as they are working. They all count.

Larson note: Now that you have all those nice active emails keep focused on your message. What you do and say is how you create your companies “brand”. Keep it as narrow nitched as you can. The narrower your focus the more powerful your message.

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