Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Marketing Symphony In The Making

Like most Web 2.0 areas, social media marketing is not a very well defined or even understood marketing tool. The so called experts have seemed to latch into one or two areas, learned how to use them and hand the word expert on the back end of there name and off they go. Dare I say there are no long term experts only people running ahead of the pack. Truth is we are all running not just to catch up but to keep up it this evolving web world. What was once true 6 months ago has changed. E-mail, social and mobile marketing, blogs, continue to evolve as a tool to find ways to use.

SM is only one tool to use but an easy one to use in a multi channel attack is easier to careate with web based marketing. How easy is it to take your message and e-mail, blog, twit, go mobile, post on a ning or facebook, all with the twinkling of an eye.

Multichannel marketing is not a fad but has been around for years in the traditional marketing advertising world. It was just a little slower.

Larson note: Your marketing needs to be thought of as a symphony. Violins, cellos, horns, trumpets oboes. Each element is part of the process. One does not negate the other. Learning and using Web 2.0 marketing tactics does not or should not stop you from looking at trade show marketing, direct mail, telemarketing attack, an ad in a newspaper or magazine, putting in a classified ad in the paper and/or Craig’s list. Singularly you have a solo, if done in concert together you have a symphony.

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