Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Make Your Marketing Real Time

Businesses must stop blasting their customers with normal outbound marketing techniques and move towards a coordinated combination of marketing cohesiveness. Moving into event-triggered, teal-time, inbound, multichannel you will be touching your customers and prospects on different levels of their emotional touch-points.

Based on your knowledge of a customer of industry, you should be linking your interactions in a flow of coordinated ongoing dialog based on past experience. You do this by using the data collected from past interactions. The technology is out there to achieve the goal of every marketer, that being interactive real-time marketing. Not a sit back and wait approach.

Larson note: You can be taking your marketing to a real time activity level. All the bells and whistles are there to do it. Web 2.0, digital print, CRM, twitter(?). If sales can be real time, why not marketing. How fast do you think you can respond to market place changes, 1 week, 1 day, is 1 hour or less possible?

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