Friday, April 17, 2009

Gathering/Using Business Intelligence

The pathway to better business intelligence is not as complicated as people might be trying to make it. The implication of it might be a different story.

Start with clear goals and objectives and in kind of initiatives you want to make.

Second, identify and prioritize the metrics and measures that you have for each goal, objective and initiative.

Next, map out specific people or teams to measure and monitor what is happening real time, and empower them to freedom of action.

Fourth, monitor the data for your next course of action. You want to keep your progress moving forward in a way you want to have happen.

Lastly assess analyze and start all over again.

Larson note: However simple this all might sound it does come down to action and freedom. Can management give up control to let front line people do what needs to be done. Will those in the trenches if given the necessary freedom to act, pick up the ball and run with it?

The process requires the participation of everyone in a company. Management and staff in addition to the necessary technology to help collect organized and present the results in ways that can be acted on.

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