Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making B to B Referrals Work

You have customers. At least I hope you do. So. .

To start, ask them if they know anyone in organizations, or clubs that could use your service like they do. I’m not talking about one of the official networking groups or clubs here but chambers, rotory, etc.

Everyone is facing the same kinds of problems right now. Clients, pricing, market share, so why not help each other out.

Sharing recommendations either in f2f or the different SM sites is key to building your referral base and your business. To aid in this process look at your top 10 clients. What makes them your best? How and what do you do for them. What other services could you be doing for them? How well do you know THEIR industries? Is that knowledge transferable?

Use your online newsletter to keep your present customers and prospects informed about what is new (and exciting) in your business. Put out the personal feeling of what you can offer them. And remember to send a “gift” or at least a thank you card for each refural they send your way. As Hank Trisler would say, “people never hear thank you enough”. You can go the card route but I would suggest the hand written note. An email just doesn’t make it. Buy a note card, get a stamp and send.

Larson note: It is only hard to ask for a referral the first time, the second and third it gets easier. Ask and ask again and without asking refer back to your sources. They will appreciate it. Make it happen for everyone.

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