Friday, June 4, 2010

Mobile Activity Use In Marketing

Not using mobile in your marketing? You are not alone. 78% of companies are NOT, yes not using any mobile marketing in their outreach.

For those that are, here is the breakdown of their usage, just in case you want to make the plunge.

Mobile version of website
38.5% - Retail
63.4% - Overall

Mobile applications
30.8% - Retail
52.1% - Overall

Text messaging
53.8% - Retail
56.3% - Overall

Mobile e-mail
53.8% - Retail
39.4% - Overall

Retailers are also spending more on acquisition channels and email service providers than other kinds of companies

E-mail service providers
21.5% - Retail
17.3% - Overall

Acquisition channels
36.3% - Retail
30.3% - Overall

Emerging channels
6.7% - Retail
12.3% - Overall

*Source Omniture from a sample of more than 600 respondents from an online survey from May 10.2010

Larson Notes & Satire: Not being a mobile user does not mean that I think there is not a place for using mobile in some businesses. Just not mine. Look at your demographics of your target market. The younger it is the more acceptable to mobile and text marketing they are, the older the more the distaste for the efforts, yet I might see a place in even my business in a more mobile friendly web site. Yes the old dog can learn new tricks.

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