Friday, June 18, 2010

Facebook and Business Trust

I found an interesting study from MarketingProfs that 60% of marketers are using Facebook for some kind of businesses communications. Waving my hand in the air, Me, me, me! But as to the trustworthiness of that channel of communication and marketing? Well… the trust factor is another matter all together.

Marketers Trust In Facebook
10% - Completely
58% - Somewhat
15% - Not very much
7% - Not at all
9% No opinion

Movement Of Facebook Trust
0% - Increased a great deal
8% - Increased somewhat
19% - Decreased somewhat
10% - Decreased A Great Deal
47% - Neither Increased or Decreased
16% - No Opinion

*Source: MarketingProfs; Sample: 488 marketers, including 154 marketers at large companies; May 18 thru May 21, 2010

Larson Notes & Satire: I do use Facebook for marketing. Guilty as charged. I do trust what my friends say about their businesses. Am I gullible? I am blond after all. I think most people are honest. The only question to me is; are my Facebook postings going to the right audience? Only my closed sales know for sure, but I did get one customer though Facebook. Join today and get even more inside info as it happens on Larson & Associates.

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