Monday, June 21, 2010

Standing Apart From Your Competition

The world gets smaller. Your competition sometimes comes from places you never heard of before. So what makes you special? That’s what your customers want to know, right?

Well start with what YOUR customer’s idea of quantity is. Not yours, their's. The reliability and durability of your widget is what makes you, you, or in my case the higher hit ratios of my services is what makes me, Me. I expect to be compared to my competition. Bring it on! Look us over. Look at the competition on the web, in their literature and then come back and buy “Us”.

Your customers might have less money than 2 years ago but they still want the same control or more control than they ever had. You, me, our customers don’t want to feel they have been limited in the choices that they are making. So position yourself to appeal to the customer’s feeling of choice. Just make sure the choice is you.

Your customers are looking for independent assessments of what makes you better than the best, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other SM sites give them just that power. Keep your hands clean and do what you say you will do for all your customers. Think and act like a pro.

Your customers want their voice to be heard. Ask and listen. They will tell you. Then when you get a good idea for a better product, a new twist on your service, act on it, fast. Don’t delay or someone else will do it first. Then tell that person they were listened to and the changes they made were enacted. They will buy. And they will love you for life, or at least a few more months.

Your customers want quality. Make it better than everyone else. The winners will be the ones who figure out how to make their customers feel good about paying out their good money for your product or service.

Take advantage of any and all technological improvements you can. Technology has always been important but as the age of information, the age of the computer advances so does technology and its uses. Be at the forefront in as many areas as you can. Use everything you can find on and off the web and max it out 100%.

Larson Notes & Satire: I think I said it a thousand times since last August on how I changed my company’s entire focus to printers, graphic, advertising agencies, ad specialties, multimedia, trade show booth builders and other graphically and creatively natured firms. The end result is that we are growing faster than I can keep the lid on. Yes, we still do other industries target marketing and telemarketing projects but we focus and go after printers and graphic companies. So much so that, if you are a printer in a metro area and we have a client in your neighborhood, my personal goal is to make life difficult for you.

I am walking walk, talking the talk, so deep that we will take on a printing account on 100% incentive. (Don’t do this plan or we will make even more money, your best deal is really the flat hourly plan, no kidding) I have no fear in offering a 100% incentive plan because I am so sure of what we are able to achieve.

There will be other services that are pushed out as need, market, requests and the necessary funds allow, yes growth takes cash, but I am having more fun now than a year ago, no wait 10 years ago when life was good!

We asked, we listened, we acted.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
Target Marketing & Telesales Professionals for new account acquisition
Making good businesses great and great businesses even better

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