Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Brings You Traffic?

What is driving or bring people to your web site? How to people find you?

In a study done by LeadForce1, of all things Wikipedia was found to be the most effective channel in bringing in new relevant leads to a b2b web site. LinkedIn was found to drive the most visitors to a site even if they are not the best leads possible. Twitter and Facebook tend not to be huge lead generators because they are, for the most part made up of existing customers.

As a marketer you don’t necessarily want to go after sites with the largest number of users, but the sites that being you the most hits based on the effectiveness.

Web Hit Source
52.58% - Direct Hits
29.66% - Search Hits
13.71% - Referral Hits
4.05% - Paid Hits

*Source: LeadForce1 Study done in 2010. A company is identified as a unique visitor

Larson Notes & Satire: A hit is a hit. A sale is a sale. To me a successful hit is one that causes a prospect to either email me or pick up the phone and call to inquire about my services. I know though analytics how many hits and unique hits my various web pages get. I am here for sales. If you’re a big LinkIn networker, network away. If you’re on Facebook, stay there. If you twitter your PR news, keep it up. If you blog, write and post away. But keep your links in place. Keep putting out your name out there for searches. Print your web site on everything you have. Yes a hit is a hit, but interest, real interest, real relevancy is the key denominator to bringing in the sale.

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