Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Direct Mail Dying?

It is true that direct mail on any scale is not the kingpin of a marketing plan like it use to be, but it is far from dying away. Any channel will lose its overall effectiveness when it is used alone. Not all customers and prospects respond to your advertising and marketing message in the same way. We all are more sensitive to the way we process information, sight, touching and hearing all come into play. So to with communication preferences; phone, email, search, radio & tv, youtube and mail as well.

On the down side of a mailing campaign is the launching. A direct mail campaign requires an expenditure of some money before it happens. Cash is needed for layout and design, writing, production, printing, list creation, postage.

Yet, when used in a wave of channel attacks each element can complement one another. Direct mail can drive people not just to your store, but to your web site and your phone. Don’t think that only electronic methods will get your customers online to give you hits.

Direct mail might not make sense in all situations or marketing campaigns but it is still a viable and integral part of a cross-channel total marketing campaign.

Larson Notes & Satire: Whenever I put direct mail into my marketing, even a simple plan I see a 7%-10% bump in sales to new customers. That is getting in a new customer 7 to 10 times faster or deeper in penetration of my market. Maybe that is why this week we are working at the highest number of billable hours for the last 9 years. Phase 3 of my companies marketing plan has a different element of direct mail involved and is planned to go into effect in September. Can we get another 10%? Heck, I’ll take another 3-5% off the top.

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