Monday, June 14, 2010

Upselling Plans For Businesses

Upselling, selling more of what you got to the customers you already have. Sounds nice, doesn’t it. 38% of B2C and B2B businesses are making upselling a top marketing goal this year. And why not, sell more to the people who are trusting you to take their money already. I do it. My son’s running specialty shop does it. Maybe you should think about it as well.

To Better Leverage New Channelsb>
31% - B2C
29% - B2B

To Improve Analytics To Strengthen Campaigns
39% - B2C
34% - B2B

To Increase Their Contact Database
37% - B2C
41% - B2B

To More Prospects/Leads faster through the sales funnel
29% - B2C
51% - B2B

More B2B Marketers are using CRM than B2C Marketers

43% - Yes
58% - No

69% - Yes
31% - No

*Source: Silverpop from a sample of 1,805 marketers in mid-March 2010

Larson Notes & Satire: If you sell more than one thing why not do it. I sell direct mail to my telemarketing customers and telemarketing to my direct mail customers. My son sells socks to his shoe customers. If you even increased the amount of a sale by 5% on 10% of your sales what would that do to your bottom line?

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