Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hard Year For Lead Generation Budgets

Still wondering how we gained sales in 2009. How did your sales force do? Last year was one of the worse ever in terms of companies and their budgets for lead generation. According to a study done by SCO Insights at the beginning of 2009 86% of companies were increasing the sales quota of their sales people while at the same time 67% of those companies were reducing their budget for lead generation. The result was what you might have expected as the % or reps making quote dropped from 58.8% in 2008 to 51.8% in 2009.

Why do companies put all the pressure on their salespeople and don’t give them the needed support they need to succeed? It has always been a wonder to me that salespeople are so many times put in a no win situation.

“Nothing happens till someone sells something” Those words ring out oh so true.

Larson Notes & Satire: We somehow grew last year and continue to do so this year (2010). Last year with our written businesses plan we instituted a new marketing plan that needed to be changed a few times as the year progressed but now as the economy comes out of our little (ha ha) recession, we are seeing not just growth but such a interest in our services that we are interviewing staff or will be in the next month.

It is funny or not but the same lead generation plan we use for our clients is the exact same one we use for ourselves. It is bringing us 5 new solid sales leads a week and 1 new client every week. If your leads generation plan is not getting those kinds of results, maybe it is time to pick up the phone and call us, for a change.

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