Friday, March 12, 2010

What I Learned From Social Media

Web 2.0, Social Media Marketing, whatever you call it, it is less a concept about technology than it is about the 4 Cs connectivity, communication, creativity and collaboration. It is also about peer to peer networks that are transforming direct marketing as we once knew it.

So how do all these social media outlets influence each other and how we marketing to our customers?

Direct marketing is a would all unto its own. We are all too interested in efficiency and ROI and getting more out of less than we are of caring what is happening in the non-direct world of advertising and marketing. Cost-effect-result driven part of the industry. The real “What have you done for me lately” side of the advertising and marketing industry.

As a part of this part of the industry, I, we need to start placing more of our emphasis on community dialogue and partnership. We will not be able to hide behind the old methods as economic reality is demanding that we produce more with less, The result is that we need to embrace the new ideas and find ways in our sharply cut eye for taking new approaches to arrive an these new goals in our wonderful cost effective way of doing business for our clients.

Too often we think about the process of winning over customers in terms of action items, reaction, exposure and the sales debate that goes on before that hard won sale. As in the web, a direct mail channel provides marketers an opportunity to broaden the ever expanding discussion with customers and prospects.

Yet we must remember that now more than ever, (and I mean this) being real is more important that the flash and glitter that has made our industry shine as the side that brought the most bang for our clients buck. Yet I must accept the fact that control of the conversation is shifting from the product to the customer. The trust, motivation, and drive to make purchases are increasingly in control of the buyer rather than the seller

With the rise of Social Media a new path has been opened up with new options. Now as before we must learn these new rules and shape our message to tap into new areas and opportunities

Larson Notes & Satire: Weather you embrace to Social Media revolution or now really does not make any difference. You’re not in control anymore. Get use to it, yet the old rules still do a apply, the more channels you use in harmony with each other the higher your rate of return. The key is, getting them to work in harmony, and knowing what does what and how it will affect one another. Now I will not brag (oh yes I will) but as a telemarketer, target marketing and direct mail company, I have been active in the Social Media world. I work it for myself and some selected clients to get them visible. Now I don’t know it all, but who do? SM is changing almost every week if not day.

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