Thursday, March 4, 2010

5 Challenges Social Media Brings to Business

Twitter in the workface. Facebook on the desktop. Blogging galore. What’s a business suppose to do? As SM becomes more main stream we need to be out there but how and how can we control the bad side effects?

Becoming a Social Business can impact every function and area of your business. What is it really? Is it a function? Is it a department, will companies start hiring a Chief Social Media Office like they do a Chief Marking Officer?

Governance So now what you are out there, you not only need to begin to actively listen so that you know what is being said about you. At the same time you need to establish rules of what is being said by you, or employees of your company. You need to know how you will handle both an external twit or post about you and you need to know how you will handle an inappropriate positing from an employee.

Culture All companies will fall somewhere in between the wide spectrum of being “open” or “closed”. We have the potential to benefit from being all embracing to customers and employees in new and exciting ways but will still need to manage that freedom intelligently and with a company focused purpose.

Human Resources Companies are going to have to upgrade their HR protocols as well as legal and train the people who may be leveraging all those wonderful social media technologies.

Measurement and ROI This question in business will not go away so deal with it. What is the cost of Social Media and what is the return on investment? There needs to be a pay back. This is still business.

Larson Notes & Satire: Yes I’m all over the place in the SM world. I am on at least 60 if not 75 Social Media sites or more, not that I follow them all closely mind you. I follow some more closely than others and I use then in different ways. Some get hot and have lots of activity so I work them harder then go quiet. Others never do anything, some are always going strong.

Yes I have gotten customers directly off of my Social Media activities. So I know it does work. And yes I have used the services of some of my Social Media friends, so I know it worked for them. And I have even made a referral or two along the way.

So how can you make it work for you? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?

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