Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Color of Print Advertising

Color, it is all around us. But what does it mean? When the head line of your brochure is in red or purple what are you conveying to your target audience? Every color does say something. Colors might not be a clear as the words you say or write but there is a message that is conveyed. So you might want to think before you get out your PMS book or using the color or your daughter’s eyes. You need to be conscious of the message you want to convey and who you want your customers and prospects to perceive your products.

The colors:

Red based reds such as Raspberry – Associated with more expensive products.

Yellow based reds such as Tomato red - Slightly less expensive than a raspberry red. If you don’t want to look to high priced.

Orange – to bring out your affordability

Yellow – This is the first color the eye sees and focuses on. When used with dark colors it becomes even more powerful and easily read.

Green - conveys possibility and hope.

Blue – brings a feeling of confidence and safety, good color for banks and medical companies.

Purple – typically used with high fashion, sports teams, chocolate or perfume

Black – says power and promise. If you make it a glossy black it becomes even more powerful

White – implies sophisticate and formality as well as the high-end of your price points.

Larson Notes & Satire: If you can blend color together with market segmentation, you can begin to work a power print and direct mail attack that will bring you results. And isn’t results what it is all about?

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