Thursday, March 18, 2010

16 Candles to Build Your Sales

The Platters had it right in 1953. “Sixteen candles in my heart will glow forever and ever for I love you so.”

It was my birthday last Tuesday. Yes March 16th, so here is my birthday present to you 16 candles to build your sales:

Candle 1: Don’t Experience Recession Thinking. The economy has not completely gone down the tubes. It might be harder but then sales has always been hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. There is still business to get, sales still to be made. People, companies are still buying “stuff”. So whose stuff are they buying? Yours or your competition. Maybe you need to step up your advertising and marketing now. Yes don’t be dumb with your cash but don’t be foolish either.

Candle 2: Look at your resources. Brainstorm on how you can make a small difference in improving the results with each resource you have. Things don’t have to be a big splash. Even a small improvement can do wonders.

Candle 3: Go for excellence in your service. Get finicky on behalf of your customers. Do whatever it takes to give “legendary service”. Be sure that not only your staff is customer friendly but that all your in house systems are friendly as well. Things like distribution, accounting, delivery and follow-up. The small things do make a difference.

Candle 4: Get out of your comfort zone. There are no rules. The old reflexes that use to work in the last recession don’t work anymore. Rethink and retool yourself.

Candle 5: Believe there is an answer. There is an answer to any problem or question you might face. Be ready to think outside the box.

Candle 6: Rejuvenate your self-confidence. In hard times it is easy to become discouraged. But if you’re discouraged the entire company becomes discouraged. Be the leader you are.

Candle 7: Put your attack plan together. As if you are a general your staff is looking to you, counting on you, ready to flow you into battle. Wars are won on in the planning room but out in the trenches. Write down your goals and prepare a written action plan.

Candle 8: Train to optimal performance. People are your number one asset. You might want to hold down your spending but doing a little spending on training might push some of your people into the next level of salesmanship.

Candle 9: Measure your performance. When performance is measured you start to form a benchmark and you know what can be or should be able to be accomplished. But remember at the same time what you reward is more often repeated so reward what you desire.

Candle 10: Keep your eye on the finish line. In most companies getting and keeping customers is the most important activity. Nothing and I mean nothing should get in the way of this activity. It is everyone’s job. Always be asking is this good for my clients, it this bring me closer to making that sale?

Candle 11: Keep a dialogue with your salespeople. Have conversations constantly with your sales people. Don’t have meetings. Meetings are time wasters. Help them with time management. Keep them in front customers as much as possible. That is the only time they are selling. If you needed it heir a telemarketing firm (raising my companies hand) to make sales appointments for your sales people.

Candle 12:
Have a central theme. Make a vision for your people to grab onto and feel the power. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Put up inspiration posers and mottos if you and your company can truly believe and live them.

Candle 13: Accept responsibility. The buck stops here! At your feet. Don’t put out blame. Blame is an energy drainer.

Candle 14: Stay the course. Though storms and disasters keep your eye on the goal, the finish line.

Candle 15: Adjust make necessary changes. It is easier to adjust to the hardships that to redo from scratch. Nothing not your sales plan, not your marking plan is cast in stone.

Candle 16:
Have a dream. Become the visionary to your company!

Larson Notes & Satire: Now I was not 16 on my birthday last Tuesday. But the glow of the candles was just as bright. Let your candles shine brightly. Be the you, you want to be. You were meant to be. Yes times are not easy right now. But there is and are still sales to be made. What you do with your time and energy does make a difference. Be the visionary your people can look up to.

Then remember to keep your safe harbor. Keep your home life as calm and secure as you can. Love the ones who are there so support you in good and bad times. That is your safe refuge to where you can go and recharge your energy.

Howard Larson
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