Friday, March 5, 2010

Resonate the Innovation

It’s tough to keep yourself on your toes in this age of 27/7!

Cut backs, running lean, have made innovation next to impossible. Creative ideas are lost. Yet, now more than ever, your customers, my customers, everyone’s customers are looking for any sort of innovation they can grab hold of and run with and their eyes are firmly on you as their supplier! You need to be the innovator in your circle of family, friends and followers, for your customers to grow and advance. You need to reduce your customers time to market, broaden their offerings, speed up there turn-time.

I am almost certain your company has idea killers. They are out there. The Nay sayers of the world. You know that people who walk around saying this won’t work or that’s a bad idea. Yet I am just as sure that you have a few people hanging around the joint that are idea developers! Always thinking, always advancing a new technique or service to give “their” customers. Watch them, talk to them, love them, and reward them.

The needs of your customers and the marketplace you serve is there waiting for you and needs you to start innovation not pull back from being an idea source.

Larson Notes & Satire: Yesterday, we launched our new 1040 Special. Maybe you saw it in some of my ning postings or on MerchantCircle or on Yelp (yes I’m on Yelp). Now you know I am not an account. Far from it. I have a telemarketing/target marketing company so what am I doing with a 1040 promotion? It reads “1040 Special: Sign by April 15th and get 10 extra telesales hours & 40 free direct mail postcards, B2B only. Call 847-991-0488 for details.” This is my little innovative way of offing and giving service to my future customers, and tying it into a day we all know but instead of taking like taxes do, if you sign up by April 15th, I give more service for your dollar. I, like you for your company, believe in what I am doing for my customers, to make them stronger tomorrow than they are today. Why this promotion? Because I firmly feel that direct mail is vastly under used as a marketing vehicle and my customers can stand out better by using it and get more sales. I know it raises lead generation my at least 3%-5%.

I read daily on what is new in my field so I can offer new services to my customers to keep them at the forefront of marketing innovation. It’s my job to make them (or you if you’re a customer already) better and better. I read weekly in the fields my customers so I know what problems they are facing so I can help solve them for them as best as I can.

And for what I do, I want them to be able to resonate the innovations I bring to them to their world.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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Making good businesses great and great businesses even better

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