Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Ways To Thrive With Direct Mail

As a rule, Target Marketers are very cost conscious and very nose to the grind stone type of people, looking at our customer’s ROI constantly. 2009 was not a nice year (duh!) and if made me and others like me look ever harder than before to find hidden efficiencies in our service and refine our techniques. So now that we are 2 months into 2010 direct mail is and will continue to be a very viable, effective marketing tool. Here are 6 powerful reasons why you should be relooking at direct mail as part of your multichannel marketing attack

1: It is a very strong acquisition tool. The economy has not completely gone down the tubes. It might be harder but then sales has always been hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. There is still business to get, sales still to be made. People, companies are still buying “stuff”. So whose stuff are they buying? Yours or your competition. Maybe you need to step up your advertising and marketing now. Yes don’t be dumb with your cash but don’t be foolish either.

2: Technology continues to improve. With variable data printing, marketers can get very customized if they want. Not only will more companies be taking advantage of it, but those already using it will be using it smarter. Better use of customer data, tracking, tailoring content with needs and wants. The more personalized the more important your mailing piece becomes to the reader.

3: Newspapers are in turmoil. As newspaper circulation goes down, there will be a significant migration to using mail by those marketers that need to reach a high number of people in a very targeted geographic location or tight demographics.

4: Content marketing is on the rise. Custom publishing is delivering a marketing message in a more personal and relevant way. With custom publishing you get a quality job and a directed message.

5: Clean lists are very eco-friendly. As marketers continue to address list hygiene and cleaning, make mailing even more efficient. You are going to find that not only will it deliver a better rate of return but with less waist the overall number of pieces will decline and your ROI increase.

6: Mail will be getting even easier to track. With the advent of Intelligent Mail from the US Postal Service you can barcode to sort and track letters and flat packages. You can be receiving more detailed information that ever before on how and when your direct mail is being delivered as well as how customers actually are responding.

Larson Notes & Satire:
Is 2010 the year of your direct mail project? Has the recession created a new way to attach mail to your marking plan? At the old formulas evaporating even as we speak. Marketing needs an effectiveness and accountability will give you and show you how to accomplish stronger results for less investment, And Direct mail can be a part of that. Showing even greater performance that in the past.

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